Saturday, July 19, 2008

Aimee and her FAVORITE Stuffy!

Jan, her mom said "This is WAY too big for Aimee" when her daughter wanted to buy this stuffy for little Aimee. Boy, was Jan mistaken. Aimee is CRAZY about her big worm and plays with it constantly, though she got a bit conscious of me taking the video and didn't quite so shaky, crazy wild with it as usually. (see the stuffy video below) :-)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Aimee is adopted!

Much delayed, as it happened last fall. We can happily report that Aimee was adopted during a temporary stay in Indianapolis. The neighboring family of Aimee's temp foster family fell instantly in love with her and didn't have to think long before taking the plunge. Aimee has a cocker spaniel fur brother named Hoosier, a wonderful mommy & daddy and two 17 year old lovely twin daughters for company that spoil her rotten.

Monday, October 15, 2007

So Pretty in Pink!

It was 90 plus degrees at the hunt test, Aimee hung in there like a trooper!

Aimee, the Traveler

Aimee has certainly covered the miles since coming into IBR, these were taken at the English Setter Association of America National Hunt test and Agility event in Ohio.
Aimee did not participate in the events but she was a great cheerleader!

Bird Dog Gal,...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm As Sweet as They Come,...

I'm just a little gal, but my Heart is Twice as Big!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

More On Aimee,..

Aimee has been nothing but a true love since she has been here.

Introductions with our two other Setters went very well, Aimee wants no trouble in her new surroundings.

She actually walks like a princees on a leash, even with her nose to the ground, taking in all the new scents around her.

Aimee and Foster SisterMaggie

We took a short trip to the dog park yesterday, and as her two foster sisters ran wide Aimee was content to stick close by.

We have been crating her at night, and she is happy and content,.....until you get up in the morning and her loud thumping of her tail, in her crate tell you she wants to join the morning crowd.

Iowa? Huh?,.. So far ,..I Like!

After A Last Minute Scramble,..

Hi, Aimee here, this is my photo that was taken at the shelter in Texas,......a LONG way away from Iowa!
I was schedualed to be shipped off to ANOTHER shelter somewhere in Colorado!
Lucky for me the kind folks at Illinois Bird Dog Rescue said I could come to them instead,.. and thanks to some MORE kind folks in Texas who scrambled to make the last minute preperations in order for me to join a transport to Iowa, I am!